Tallis and Marina

Olive Rock, Ceres

11 Nov 2011

If you are looking for a venue that has an outside feel, surrounded by mountains and great food, Olive Rock is for you. And so it was for Tallis and Marina.

Marina got ready at the lovely Arum Lilly Cottage, which I can highly recommend even for just a get away weekend. It is lovely there. We headed off to Olive Rock, where Marina and Tallis exchanged their vows on the luscious green lawn overlooking the beautiful mountain range. After the most colourful pre-drinks the guest mingled and we went and took advantage of the great cloud cover we had on the day. The evening ended off with great moves on the dance floor and oh, did I mention the food … it is delicious …

It was great working with you both and thank you very much for having me at your wedding.

2 Responses to Tallis and Marina

  1. Nicolette De Candia

    Absolutely stunning, what a beautifull couple. Marina and Tallies you are super awesome and the photographer captured it all. Beautifull

  2. What a stunning couple!!! Tallis en Marina julle het so mooi gelyk..
    thanks Sarah for the link, much appreciated. Mandy

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