Nikki and Cindy

Castle of Good Hope

21 Nov 2013

Did you know The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa? And The St Georges Cathedral in town is the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa?

What better places for two beautiful people to start their new journey as a married couple together.  I loved the elegance and peacefulness of Cindy and Nikki’s caring nature. I loved being part of your wedding day. Thank you so much. Enjoy your photographs.



6 Responses to Nikki and Cindy

  1. Helene Campher

    Wow beautiful couple and stunning photos. Cindy you where glamorously beautiful. I love the photo where Nikki lifts your vale stunning moment captured.

    One can see that this is a truly happy and joyful wedding celebrating two people made for each other.

    Love Helene



  3. Natalie Pillay

    wow…..what an absolutely stunning couple!! and wedding. luv the pic`s.

  4. stunning pictures!!!! cindy looked anbsolutely gorgeous, and what a lovely couple they make!! it was great to make her gown!!

  5. Ricky (didi's assistant)

    Wow, through out the whole process of making Cindy’s wedding gown and having part of it, was awesome. Cindy wass a stunnnning bride and we had fun making the gown. Perfectly stunning and faboulus. All the best for you 2, Nikki and Cindy. The peace and love of God rest upon you 2 with lots of blessings.

  6. Altina Bradshaw

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple!!! Wishing you both all the best and a great life together!! You deserve it.
    Enjoy your special unity to the fullest!!

    Lotsa love

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