Nazeem & Nadia

The Lord Charles Hotel

11 Feb 2012

Nadia and Nazeem’s wedding was a mix of classic and modern. Have a look at the cake, the “couple” on the top are holding PC3 consoles … these two love challenging each other when playing games.

I could not attend the Nikah, but once that was completed I met both Nadia and Nazeem at Banksia Boutique. Here Nadia changed into her second dress, just as beautiful as the first. Imagine having two wedding dresses … every girls dream … sigh … We then moved over to Somerset West to take the photographs. We had loads of fun and even got caught in the rain.

The Lord Charles was the setting for the reception. Here the speeches unfolded into laughter and prayer. It was great spending this special day with you both. Thank you.


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  1. Andries Barnard

    Sarah, you are brilliant photographer!
    I think these photographs explain all your good qualities, as well as why I know that you are a quality photographer and not just somebody with a good camera!!!
    Continue to enrich the world with your photography!!!!

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